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Electronic Music Family Sing-a-long

Presented here in its entirety is the R Duck Show Electronic Music Family Sing-a-long.  A special thanks to R Duck for inviting Later Days on for this shared Pirate Radio live performance with Doug Lynner, Lani Faulkner, David Tristram, R Duck .  Recorded artist appearances include rizorkestra, Charlie Newcomb, Rejyna Douglass-Whitman, Paul Nicholson, Stephen Briggs, and Crystal Awareness.

Later Days performance on Trilobite overlapping with Doug Lynner begins at 58:57 (approximately), and then continues intermittently throughout the show.

Patch of the Day bank download

In celebration of Thanksgiving (a U.S. holiday dedicated to consuming mass quantities, as nearly as we can tell), and in advance of the upcoming Electronic Music Family sing-a-long, we’re releasing the Patch of the Day series as a single bank available for download on our Media Page.  These patches will be compatible with the Trilobite 0.9.3 free software modular synthesizer.

IMG_4596This release includes not only a collection of bizarre designed and evolved sounds, but a metadata window into the author’s long-standing breakfast and mushroom fetishes.

Later Days will be performing using many of these patches on the R Duck Show this “Black Friday” (November 28) with a line up of illustrious guests.  Feel free to download the patches and join along!

Darwin Arts on YouTube

Check out the Darwin Arts Channel on YouTube for latest Trilobite tutorials and demo videos.

Trilobite 0.9.3

After nearly two years of hard work and learning about OSX development, Darwin Arts is proud to announce the Trilobite 0.9.3 Free Beta Edition!  Visit the Products page to see more details, and then register as a site user to download your copy!

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