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Trilobite 1.2

New colors in sound!


Happy Holidays, everyone!  We’re pleased to announce the release of Trilobite 1.2, a new features and fixes upgrade of our Modular Synthesis Evolver flagship application!

This version introduces the new Sound Color vocal filter and synthesis module, which can be used to add vocal tone quality to your patches.  In addition, we’ve made massive strides in audio quality with a complete overhaul of our internal dynamic compressors:  the result is a smooth and glitch-free audio mix (if your patches don’t have glitch by design!), much cleaner than previous versions.

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Darwin Arts on YouTube – Tutorials

See embedded versions of Trilobite tutorials below, or check them out at the Darwin Arts Channel on YouTube.  These tutorials were created for Trilobite 0.9.3, but apply in all respects to Trilobite 1.2.