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Calymene 1.0 – NEW!

calymene_panel_promoIntroducing the Calymene Modular Synth Player!  This little suite of plugins (both an instrument and effect version) offers all of the synthesis and visualization features of Trilobite Pro in one small and simple package.  At a dirt cheap price, this is the perfect solution for sound designers and musicians who want to get started fast with multi-track projects.  Visit the products page for more information.

Trilobite 1.3


This version of Trilobite introduces parameter naming features, two new module types, and several important bug fixes.  Both the Pro and Free versions now include a Signal Smoother module useful for portamento effects, and the Pro version introduces an A/B Gate module which can be used for vector synthesis effects.

Visit our Products page for purchase links and additional information.

Sound Color Patch Bank

We’ve just released the “Sound Colors” Bank.   This bank is a collection of patches for Trilobite Pro 1.2 and later featuring the Sound Color module. Patches were authored and/or evolved at Darwin Arts, with generous contributions from Doug Lynner and Later Days.

The following track uses just a few of the patches included:

The Sound Color Module is based largely on the work and advice of Professor Wayne Slawson (See his book, Sound Color), this module is a human vocal formant sound coloration filter with optional vocal tone generator. All of the patches in this bank will have vocal attributes in some form.

To download your free copy, visit our Media Downloads page.

Darwin Arts on YouTube – Tutorials

See embedded versions of Trilobite tutorials below, or check them out at the Darwin Arts Channel on YouTube.  These tutorials were created for Trilobite 0.9.3, but apply in all respects to Trilobite 1.2.