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(free to registered Trilobite Pro users)

Calymene is a lightweight and streamlined VST/AU plugin which plays modular synthesis patches created using the Darwin Arts Trilobite ModSynth Evolver. We’ve made every effort to keep this plugin as straightforward and easy to use as Trilobite is flexible-but-complex. Primarily intended for Trilobite authors who want to play multiple different patches on separate DAW automation tracks, this plugin is also well-suited for musicians who want to get right to the creative act of music composition and sound design without climbing a steep learning curve first.

With Calymene, it’s as easy as selecting a patch and making sound!

Features include:

  • Both OS X (10.8 or later) and Windows versions
  • 32-bit and 64-bit plugin versions
  • Plugin versions for both effect and instrument configurations
  • Loads banks and plays patches from all versions of Trilobite 1.4 and earlier (both Pro and Free)
  • Complete On-line user guide
  • The same cool signal visualizers provided with Trilobite Pro
  • Intuitive Bank Manager for accessing patches
  • Dynamic Compressor controls
  • Easy preset save and reload features
  • Simplicity!