Free Downloads

These are the currently available free downloads from Darwin Arts.  Note that you must be registered as a user of our web site and logged in for the links to be enabled.

Trilobite Free 1.0

This is a feature-limited version of the Professional Edition available for purchase, provided for those who want to try Trilobite before spending money.  That being said, this version may be sufficient for many users, and is a superset of the prior Trilobite 0.9.3 beta version (it will support most v0.9.3 patches).  To see the difference between our Professional and Free versions, check out the Features Comparison Table provided in the installer readme file.

Trilobite Free 1.0 for OSX (72)


Trilobite Free 1.0 for Windows (97)


Free Trilobite banks by Darwin Arts and other users are available on our Media Downloads Page.