Trilobite 1.4
User Guide

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Product Registration

Note that after you download and install Trilobite your computer(s), you will need to register your installation with Darwin Arts (optional for free versions). We recommend that you perform product registration immediately, as it may take 2-3 business days for Darwin Arts to respond with an activation key customized for your computer system. When you launch Trilobite for the first time, the registration dialog box show above will appear.

Complete at least the required fields in this dialog, make sure your computer has internet access, and then click the “Send Registration” button. Trilobite then connects with the Darwin Arts web server to deliver your completed information to our software make sure that your network connection is up! Note that the only information sent to Darwin Arts not shown in the registration dialog will be your computer's MacIP hardware address, which is needed to uniquely identify your computer.

After you send registration, the launch countdown will be increased to 15, and the dialog will be updated to include a field for entering an application key for your computer:

You won't have a registration key yet, so until you receive one just click the “Later” button to continue using Trilobite normally.

In 1-2 business days we will check your info against our invoice records to verify purchase, and then generate a new registration key customized for your computer. This key will be emailed to the address you specify in the registration dialog. When you receive the key, copy and paste it into the field show above and click the “Complete Registration” button. If no mistakes were made, you should see an acknowledgment dialog indicating the the registration process is copmleted.

Make sure to save your registration key in case it ever becomes necessary to re-enter it, after a hard reset, for instance.

Repeat for Second Computer

Your purchase of Trilobite entitles you to install the software on two separate computers. You will need to repeat this registration process for the second computer, using the same receipt or purchase number, but you can do this at any point in the future.