Trilobite 1.2
User Guide

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Signal Shaper Module

The Signal Shaper Module applies digital distortion to its input in the form of a functional map. The scaling map serves as a mapping of input signal amplitude on the X-axis to output signal amplitude on the Y-axis.

If the patch is active, results of breakpoint editing may be heard in real time.

This distortion map is intended to operate on signals in the range [-1.0, 1.0], and the input signal will be clamped accordingly. Output signal will always be in the range [-1.0, 1.0]

For a key to understanding the tables on this page, see the Module Types page.

Adding Input Ports

Adding input ports is not enabled for this module.

Static Parameters

Static parameters for this module are an array of up to 16 breakpoints which define the function envelope. These breakpoints may be edited using the editor interface shown above. The breakpoint editor may be used as follows:

Input Ports




Input Scalar Used

Parameter Scalar Used


Input (Index) Signal

The input signal which will be distorted by the map function.



Output Ports





Distorted Output Signal

Function map distorted version of the input signal.

Range: [-1.0, 1.0]