Trilobite 1.2
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Midi Key Input Module

This module imports a Midi Key pitch value and key velocity value into the patch. There may be multiple instances of this module within a patch, but they will all have the same pitch and key velocity outputs at the same time. In order for a midi key event to be brought into the patch using this module, midi key events must be mapped to the patch using Midi Key Mapping Mode.

For a key to understanding the tables on this page, see the Module Types page.

Adding Input Ports

This module does not have input ports.

Static Parameters






Key Transposition


Specifies the number of offset half-steps to be applied to midi events before they are translated to pitch frequencies.

Range: [-24, 24]


Percussive Mode


Specifies whether the key event velocity output from Port 1 will decay as a percussive event would, as opposed to remaining constant, as an organ event would


Velocity Decay Rate


Only used if Percussive Mode is true, this parameter specifies the rate at which the key event velocity will decay to zero.


Rest Velocity Ratio


Only used if Percussive Mode is true, this parameter specifies the velocity at which the velocity will stabilize after decaying from maximum velocity, as a ratio of the peak velocity.

Input Ports


Output Ports





Output Pitch in Hz

Once a Midi event occurs, this value remains constant. It indicates the Midi key value translated into an oscillation frequency, suitable for being connected to an Oscillator Module.


Output Midi Key Velocity

This output signal represents the velocity with which a Midi key was struck. If the Module is in Percussive Mode, this value will decay over time at the rate specified by the static paramter Velocity Decay Rate. If not, this value will remain fixed at the key strike velocity until the key is released, at which point it will switch rapidly to zero.